Sale and distribution

Web bring the product to your door

Our commercial advisors are highly qualified in products and customer experience, knowing in depth the needs produced by quality, format, continuity, and always committed to the traditional values of the company.

Trust in a company of reference in the sector

From 1953, we have the figure of the professional ‘shipowner’ working for the best quality for our frozen fish and seafood. This figure, business vocation and a detailed knowledge of our product and process have brought us to what we are nowadays: a company of reference in the sector backed up by our history and know-how.

Frozen fish and seafood distributor

Closer and closer


We provide national and international wide coverage from our headquarters and different branches.


Our philosophy ‘from port to your door’ makes us offer a persolanised service of frozen fish and seafood according to the needs of our clients.

Our value chain gives us the possibility to offer different specific services for each client. This has allowed us to work with hotels, restaurants, and cafes (Foodservice), wholesale, distributors, groups, and to have an adapted service to ‘retail’ in big stores. And we always offer the best technical and commercial advise to our clients.