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Sail with us from the port to your door and you will discover why Marbamar always brings you the best product.

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frozen fish and seafood distribution

The main activity of the company is frozen fish and seafood commercialization as mush for industrialists, wholesale, traders, hotels, restaurants, and cafes (foodservices), groups, etc.

From Santa Pola headquarters, with more than 67 years working in this sector, we import and export a great variety of species from the five continents.

Marbamar cold stores

The main activity of the company is frozen fish and seafood storage and distribution. From the source, these products require the appropriate cold treatment in cold stores.

Marbamar sails at any source for prime quality frozen fish and seafood. The preparation and packaging stage is adapted to the needs of our clients, always maintaining the cold chain of the product to assure the quality guarantee for frozen fish and seafood from the source to consumption. We opt for professionalization and digitalisation to have a direct communication with our clients, to know and give immediate answer to new needs of any of our clients.

We are providers and collaborators of frozen fish and seafood to hospitality sector, supermarkets, fish markets, groups, etc.